Primavera’s Project Management module is comprehensive, multi-project planning and control software, for organization-wide project management scalability. The module can stand alone for project and resource management.

    Primavera P6

    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of the course the participant will be able to:

    • Create Enterprise level Project structure
    • Enter Project details – WBS, Activities, Relationships, Resources
    • Update the Project
    • Generate Reports
    • Find the Earned values
    • Manage Resources & Expense

    Project Management Process Overview

    Planning, Controlling, and Managing Projects

    Defining Administrative Preferences and Categories

    Setting User Preferences

    Structuring Projects

    • Setting Up the Organizational Breakdown Structure
    • Setting Up the Enterprise Project Structure
    • Adding a New Project to the EPS

    Creating Calendars

    Defining Budgets

    Defining and Assigning Project Codes

    Grouping, Summarizing, and Filtering by Codes

    Working With User-Defined Fields

    Working with Activities

    Defining Schedule Information

    Establishing Relationships

    Assigning Resources and Roles

    Cost Accounts

    Assigning Activity Codes and Adding Expenses

    Assigning Work Products and Documents

    Adding Steps & Creating Activity step Templates

    Viewing Activity Summaries

    Using Global Change

    Working with Cost Accounts and Project Expenses

    Analyzing Costs

    Updating and Managing the Schedule

    Managing Baselines

    Assigning Baselines to Projects

    Comparing Current and Baseline Schedules

    Tracking Budget Changes

    Updating, Scheduling, and Leveling

    Updating Progress for Spotlighted Activities

    Updating Activities Manually

    Interrupting Activity Progress

    Storing Period Performance

    Recalculating Resource and Role Assignment Costs

    Managing Resource Assignments

    Summarizing Projects

    Managing Risks

    Project Issues and Thresholds

    Tracking Projects

    Comparing Projects with Claim Digger

    Comparing Projects/Baselines

    Creating and Using Reflections

    Checking Projects In and Out

    Customizing Layouts

    Working with Reports

    Working with Job Services

    Creating Project Portfolios

    Exporting the Project

    Printing Layouts and Reports

    Publishing a Project on the World Wide Web