InVision is a versatile design tool that has a strong focus on enabling a top user experience. Using Invision, a UX/UI designer can go from outlining the user journey to collaborating on early design, to wireframes and prototypes, and finally to its design handoff features. Having a single platform that takes users from early brainstorms to development is exceptionally useful.

    invision studio

    Of all the above features, InVision’s prototyping tool leads the way. Users can create interactive prototypes, which automatically adjust according to the device and orientation, along with their colleagues. Alongside this is InVision Studio—the new standalone digital design and UX tool. InVision Studio offers an impressive suite of features, such as a vectordrawing tool, interactive designs, and built-in animations.

    InVision works on: macOS, and Windows

    Course Outlines

    Getting Started with InVision

    • Overview of the interface
    • Boards
    • Creating a board
    • Collaborating on a board

    Integrating InVision into Your Workflow

    • Setting up Craft

    Building Prototypes

    • Creating your first prototype
    • Exploring options and adding interactions

    Collaborating with InVision

    • Sharing prototypes
    • Using comments and Tour Points
    • Collaborating with LiveShare

    Managing Workflow and Assets

    • Managing your prototype
    • User testing
    • Wrapping up your project