This course is designed for those who want to become Graphic Designers in the Print & Web Media. A Graphic Designer is responsible for designing advertisements, posters, brochures, Web Banners, logos, Greeting cards etc.

    Learn Adobe Illustrator CC

    Course Contents

    Getting started with Corel Draw

    • Introduction to Corel Draw
    • Features of Corel Draw
    • Corel Draw Interface
    • Tool Box
    • Moving from Adobe Illustrator to Corel Draw
    • Common Tasks

    Drawing and Coloring

    • ¬†Introduction
    • Selecting Objects
    • Creating Basic Shapes
    • Reshaping Objects
    • Organising objects
    • Applying color fills and Outlines

    Mastering with Text

    • Introduction
    • Text Tool
    • Artistic and paragraph text
    • Formatting Text
    • Embedding Objects into text
    • Wrapping Text around Object
    • Linking Text to Objects

    Applying Effects

    • Introduction
    • Power of Blends
    • Distortion
    • Contour Effects
    • Envelopes
    • Lens effects
    • Transparency
    • Creating Depth Effects
    • Power Clips

    Working with Bitmap Commands

    • Introduction
    • Working with Bitmaps
    • Editing Bitmaps
    • Applying effects on Bitmaps
    • Printing

    Corel Draw- Web resources

    • Introduction
    • Internet Tool bar
    • Setting your webpage
    • Exporting files
    • Creating buttons with rollover effects