Corporate Training

    Aptech is a learning solutions company present in more than 40 countries around the world. Aptech focuses on career development training and education. Students around the world benefit from Aptech’s complete career programs that prepare them for interesting, high-paying jobs in hundreds of industries.

    In addition to educating individual students, Aptech also offers training to working professionals. Aptech’s corporate training programs have been tried and tested by companies around the world. The goal of these programs is to upgrade and develop the skills of people who have been working for many years. This benefits their employer/ company by ensuring that the workforce is knowledgeable and up-to-date about the latest techniques and technologies.

    Below is a short list of the programs that Aptech offers for your employees:
    • Office Productivity Tools
    • IT Application Training
    • HI-End IT Training
    • Mutimedia and Animation Training
    • Hardware and Networking
    • Soft Skills Training
    • Accounting Training
    Aptech Corporate Training
    Boost your employees’ productivity, IT skills & soft skills

    For your employees, Aptech offers many specialized training programs to boost their productivity, IT & ICT skills, and their project management abilities. There are programs to improve their business communication and other soft skills as well.

    Who should join Aptech’s corporate training programs?

    Aptech takes into account the learning needs of your employees before designing programs for them. This is why our programs suit everyone in your company, from the sales executives to senior managers, to top managers. The duration of each program can also be customized as per your needs. There are programs that can be completed in just one day!


    If your employees successfully complete a training program with Aptech, they will receive a Certificate of Participation and Attested Certificate from Knowledge and Human Development Authority depending on the program.