Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    Getting started

    • Nonlinear editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Expanding the workflow
    • Touring the Adobe Premiere Pro interface

    SettIng up a Project

    • Setting up a project
    • Setting up a sequence

    Importing media

    • Importing assets
    • Working with the Media Browser
    • The media cache
    • Capturing from videotape

    Organizing Media

    • The Project panel
    • Working with bins
    • Organizing media with content analysis
    • Monitoring footage
    • Modifying clips

    Essentials Of Video Editing

    • Using the Source Monitor
    • Navigating the Timeline
    • Essential editing commands

    Editing Video Clips

    • Trimming
    • Slow motion
    • Ripple delete
    • Arranging clips
    • Adding video/ audio tracks

    Adding Transitions

    • Transition settings
    • Adjusting alignment & duration

    Adding Titles

    • Working with text
    • Text Properties
    • Using Shapes

    Adding Audio

    • Audio formats
    • Trimming Audio
    • Working with multiple Audio clips

    Exporting to video format

    • Overview of export options
    • Exporting single frames