Learn VB.net - Visual Basic Programming

    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of the course the participant will

    • Understand .NET Framework and describe some of the major enhancements to the new version of Visual Basic.
    • Describe the basic structure of a Visual Basic.NET project and use main features of the integrated development environment (IDE)
    • Create applications using Microsoft Windows® Forms
    • Create applications that use ADO. NET
    • Working with XML Documents
    • Using Crystal Reports

    Introduction to Visual Basic Programming

    The Visual Basic Language Essentials

    • Data Types
    • Control Statements

    Procedures, Functions and Event Handlers

    • Exceptions and Validations
    • Arrays and Collections
    • Windows Forms, and Controls

    Dialogs Boxes

    Object Oriented Programming

    • Creating and Using Classes
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Overloading, Overriding
    • Interfaces and Namespaces

    Database Programming

    • Data Sources
    • Using ADO.Net
    • Dataset, Data Reader, Data Grids

    Reading and Writing Files, XML Documents

    Boxing and unBoxing

    Methods ,Sub Procedures ,Functions

    Working with Windows Forms

    Working with Multiple Forms

    Using Visual Basic Controls

    Handling Mouse Events in Forms

    MDI Applications

    Debugging VB .NET Applications

    User Interface Design Principles

    Working various VB.net Controls

    Working with Menus

    Context Menus

    Common Dialogs

    Date TimePicker, Month Calendar, Splitter

    Using the StatusBar

    User Interfaces and Deployments

    Debugging Applications

    Generating Reports using Crystal Report