This course is for the those who wants to learn the concepts of Microsoft Office Word computer application. Students will begin to learn the functions and capabilities of Microsoft Word with emphasis on the integration of Microsoft Office software to solve business problems.

    Microsoft Office Course - MS Word

    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of the course the participant will be able to:

    • Explore the components of the results-oriented interface of the Word environment
    • Use the tools available in Word to create professional-looking documents
    • Finalize and secure a document
    • Insert Pictures and Clip Art
    • Work with Tables, Import and Export data between Files
    • Proofing a Document
    • Save, Protect and Print documents
    • Mail Merge
    • Index and Cross Reference in Word documents
    • Automate your Correspondence
    • Publishing Word Documents on the Web

    Exploring the Word Environment

    • Explore the User Interface
    • Work With the Ribbon
    • Work with Contextual Tabs
    • Use the Word Galleries
    • Customize the Word Interface

    Creating Professional-Looking Documents

    • Apply Styles
    • Apply Document Themes
    • Add Building Blocks
    • Work with Illustrations
    • Build an Equation
    • Add Citations and a Bibliography

    Finalizing Documents

    • Compare Reviewed Documents
    • Inspect Documents
    • Apply Digital Signatures
    • Save a Document

    Inserting Pictures and Clip Art

    Create Section Breaks

    Create Multiple Column Documents

    Mail Merge

    • Creating the Main Document
    • Creating the Data Source
    • Merging the Documents

    Protecting Documents

    • Track Changes
    • Password protection

    Use Text and Language Tools such as Auto Correct, Auto Text, Change Case

    • Difference between Applications and Applets
    • Understand the Applet Class
    • Create, run and execute Applets
    • Understand the Security Restrictions applied on Applet
    • Identify the various activities in an applet
    • Identify how to use Components and layouts in Applets

    Spelling & Grammar, Thesaurus, Find & Replace Text

    Work with Tables - Create and Modify, Format, Add Calculations

    Compare and Merge Documents

    Auto Summarize

    Version Control

    Work with Tools that made Documents easy to use

    • Create Bookmarks & Cross references
    • Create Index & Table of Contents

    Work with Templates

    • Use Word Templates to create documents
    • Create Custom Templates

    Formatting Documents Automatically

    • Checking Grammar
    • AutoCorrect Feature
    • Using Letter Wizard

    Publishing Word Files on the Web

    • Adding Links to your Web Page
    • Adding Multimedia Features