This course is for the those who wants to learn the concepts of Microsoft Office PowerPoint computer application. Students will begin to learn the functions and capabilities of Microsoft PowerPoint with emphasis on the integration of Microsoft Office software to solve business problems.

    Microsoft Office Course - MS PowerPoint

    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of the course the participant will be able to:

    • Explore the new interface components of PowerPoint and customize the PowerPoint environment
    • Enhance a presentation by applying custom layouts and themes
    • Create dynamic presentations by applying advanced text and graphic effects
    • Insert Pictures and ClipArt, Charts
    • Work with Layouts and Color Schemes
    • Working with Organization Charts
    • Add Slide Transitions
    • Print a Presentation
    • Finalize a presentation by customizing slide shows securing the presentation, and saving the presentation

    Exploring the PowerPoint Environment

    • Explore the User Interface
    • Work with the Ribbon
    • Work with Contextual Tabs
    • Use the PowerPoint Galleries
    • Customize the PowerPoint Interface

    Enhancing the Presentation Layouts

    • Create Custom Slide Layouts
    • Work with Themes

    Creating Dynamic Presentations

    • Apply Rich Text and Typography Effects
    • Enhance Presentations with Graphic Effects
    • Enhance Table Layout
    • Work with Charts

    Inserting Pictures and Clip Art

    • Modify the visual impact of slides by adding pictures and clip arts

    Inserting Charts

    • Creating Graphs and Charts
    • Creating Graphical Bullets

    Working with Layouts and Color Schemes

    Creating Organizational charts and Diagrams

    Slide Transitions

    • Adding Transitions and Animation
    • Set Slide Timings
    • Customizing
    • Drawings on Slides

    Custom Animations

    • Applying different Effect to Objects like Text and Clip Arts etc.
    • Managing sequence of animation

    Generating custom shows

    Using rehearse Timing

    Finalizing the Presentation

    • Customize Slide Shows
    • Secure Presentations
    • Save a Presentation