An interactive website establishes an interaction between users and your content. This interaction allows your uses to have a more personalized experience beyond just browsing a website.

    Introduction to Web Designing

    Introduction to Web Designing

    • An introduction to HTML and CSS
    • Tools for web development

    Coding, Testing, and Validating a Web Page

    • The HTML syntax
    • The CSS syntax
    • How to test, debug, and validate HTML and CSS files

    How to use HTML to Structure a Web Page

    • The head section
    • Text elements
    • Structuring the content of a page
    • Links, lists, and images
    • Structured web pages

    Using CSS To Format the Elements of a Web Page

    •  An introduction to CSS
    • Measurements and colors
    • Selectors
    • Cascading Style Sheets
    • How to work with text A web page that uses external style sheets

    How to Use the CSS Box Model for Spacing, Borders, and

    • An introduction to the box model
    • How to size and space elements
    • A web page that illustrates sizing and spacing
    • Borders and backgrounds
    • A web page that uses borders and backgrounds

    How to Use CSS For Page Layout

    • Floating elements in 2- and 3-column layouts
    • Two web pages that use a 2-column, fixed-width layout
    • Using CSS3 to create text columns
    • Positioning elements

    Lists and Links

    • Coding lists
    • Formatting lists
    • Working with links
    • Navigation menus

    Responsive Web Design

    • Introduction to Responsive Web Design
    • Fluid design
    • CSS3 media queries
    • A web page that uses Responsive Web Design


    • Basic skills for working with images
    • Advanced skills for working with images
    • Related skills for working with images


    • Basic HTML skills for coding tables
    • Basic CSS skills for formatting tables
    • Other skills for working with tables


    • How to use forms and controls
    • Other skills for working with forms
    • How to use the HTML5 features for data validation
    • How to use the HTML5 controls
    • A web page that uses HTML5 data validation

    Audio and Video

    • An introduction to media on the web
    • How to add audio and video to a web page
    • A web page that offers both audio and video

    Fonts and Printing

    • How to embed fonts in a web page
    • The skills for formatting printed web pages
    • A two-column web page with print formatting

    CSS3 Transitions, Transforms, Animations, and Filters
    HTML5 & CSS3 Conclusion

    Developing Interactive Web Pages (JavaScript)

    Introduction to JavaScript

    • Getting Started with JavaScript
    • Client-Side and Server Side Application
    • Java Script In a Browser
    • JavaScript on a Web Server
    • Comparing JavaScript with other Scripting
    • Specifying JavaScript Version
    • Integrating JavaScript Version
    • Adding Comments
    • Hiding Script Using Comments Tags
    • <NOSCRIPT> and </NOSCRIPT> tags
    • The <SCRIPT>tag’s “SRC” Attributes
    • Using JavaScript Entitles
    • Variables
    • Type Casting
    • Conversion Functions

    Programming Constructs and Functions

    • Arrays
    • Operators
    • JavaScript Statements
    • Functions
    • Events
    • Event Handlers in JavaScript
    • Link Events
    • Body Events
    • Image Events
    • Events Associated with other HTML Elements

    Event Handling and JavaScript Object

    • Object Model
    • Browser Object
    • The Window Object
    • The Document Object
    • The History Object
    • The Navigator Object
    • The location Object
    • Discuss various JavaScript Predefined Objects
    • Create an Array Object and apply its method
    • Create a String Object and apply its method
    • Create a Date Object and apply its method

    Predefined JavaScript Objects

    • Create a Boolean Object and apply its method
    • Create a Function Object and apply its method
    • Use the Math and Global Objects
    • Create a user-defined object and add properties methods to the object
    • The Image Object
    • Handle exceptions
    • Form object elements.
    • The List properties and methods
    • The form array of the document object
    • The element array of form object