Django is a Python-based free and open-source web framework, which follows the model-view-template architectural pattern.  Django’s primary goal is to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites. It takes care of much of the hassle of Web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel.

    Overview: On completing this course, you can work as a web developer using Django. The participant will be able to develop full-fledged real life web applications.

    Job options include Backend Developer, Python and Django Developer, Software Engineer,

    Python Software Engineer and more…

    Course Content

    Module 1: Introduction to WEB Framework

    • Overview of python
    • Environment set up for Django
    • Basic syntax
    • Commands

    Module 2: HTML Touch

    • Creation of
    • Html Tags
    • Button class.
    • Hyperlinked Button
    • Iframe object.
    • List control in Html
    • Font styling and font-face

    Module 3: Functions and Modules in django

    • Defining functions.
    • Passing arguments to function.
    • Introduction to modules.
    • Importing Modules.
    • Built In Modules.

    Module 4: OOPS IN DJANGO

    • Object and class Concept in Model.
    • Concept of Constructor.
    • Instance of object.
    • Types of inheritance
    • Method overriding in Python

    Module 5: Introduction to Django

    • Introduction to Django Framework
    • Installation process
    • Features of Django
    • Django project
    • Virtual environment

    Module 6: Django MVT Applications

    • Admin interface
    • Django App Life cycle
    • Django MVT (Model , view , template)
    • URL Mapping
    • Template System
    • Static File Handling
    • Handling HTML,CSS,JS

    Module 7: DJango App with HTML

    • Html Forms
    • Html Tags
    • Html Elements
    • Implementation with Django

    Module 8: DJango App with Css

    • What is css
    • Syntax
    • Declaring Multiple Css
    • Html Css integration
    • Implementation with Django

    Module 9: Database handling

    • Introduction to RDBMS
    • SQL queries and connections
    • Connect python using SqlLite
    • Insert, select operation in python
    • Delete and update operation in python

    Module 10: DJango App with js

    • Introduction
    • Syntax of <script>
    • Embedding with Html
    • Method
    • Implementation with Django

    Module 11: Django Models & Forms

    • Models Form
    • Django Form
    • Form Validation
    • File Upload

    Module 12: Data Handling

    • Database Connectivity
    • Database Migration
    • Django Middleware
    • Request and response
    • Django CRUD Operation

    Module 13: Exception and State Management

    • Django Exception
    • Django Session
    • Django Cookies

    Module 14: Django PDF, CSV Generation

    • Django CSV output
    • Django PDF output
    • Dynamic CSV
    • Dynamic PDF

    Module 15: User Authentication in Django

    • Creating User Registration modules
    • Login/Logout application


    • Online Food Ordering Portal
    • Product Ordering CRM
    • Travel App
    • Criminal App
    • Hotel Booking Website
    • CMS
    • Education App
    • E-commerce Portal
    • Online Stock Management Portal
    • Online Portfolio App
    • Blogger Site…and many more


    * Course topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of
    the course participants.