Learn MongoDB


    MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database used for high-volume data storage. It contains the data model, which allows you to represent hierarchical relationships. It uses JSON-like documents with optional schema instead of using tables and rows in traditional relational databases. Documents containing key-value pairs are the basic units of data in MongoDB.


    Install MongoDB:-

    • Install MongoDB on Windows — Download & Install MongoDB on Windows

    MongoDB Database:-

    • MongoDB Create Database — How to Create Database & Collection in


    • Add MongoDB Array using insert() — Learn With Example
    • MongoDB Primary Key — Example to set _id field with ObjectId()

    MongoDB Query Example:-

    • MongoDB Query Document — using find() method with Examples
    • MongoDB Cursor Tutorial — Learn with EXAMPLE
    • MongoDB Sort() & Limit() — MongoDB order with Sort() & Limit() Query
    • MongoDB Count() & Remove() Functions — Learn With Example
    • MongoDB Update() Document — Learn With Example

    MongoDB Administration:-

    • MongoDB Backup Methods — MongoDB Security, Monitoring & Backup (Mongodump)
    • Manage Users and Roles — How to Create User & add Role in MongoDB
    • MongoDB Replica Set Tutorial — Step by Step Replication Example
    • MongoDB Sharding — Step by Step with Example
    • MongoDB Indexing Tutorial — createIndex(), dropindex() Example
    • MongoDB Regular Expression — Use a Regular Expression $Regex in MongoDB
    • MongoDB vs. Py-Mongo Framework and Analysis. — Overview.