This course of study builds on the skills gained by students in Java Fundamentals and helps to advance Java programming skills. Students can design object-oriented applications with Java and will create Java programs using hands-on, engaging activities.

    Learn Core java

    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of the course the participant will:

    • Implement Object Oriented Programming Concepts
    • Use and create packages and interfaces in a Java program
    • Use graphical user interface in Java programs
    • Create Applets
    • Implement exception handling in Java
    • Implement Multithreading
    • Use Input/Output Streams
    • Handle security implementations in Java

    Introduction to Java

    • Creation of Java
    • Features of Java
    • Overview of Programming with JDK
    • Discuss the Java Security Model
    • Describe Java Virtual Machine
    • Garbage Collection and Memory Management
    • Sample Programs

    Object Oriented Programming

    • Structures Programming technique
    • Object Oriented Programming and its advantages
    • Define Objects and Classes and the relation between them
    • Explain terms-Attributes, Methods, Construction, Destruction and Persistence
    • Discuss Data Abstraction
    • Discuss Data Encapsulation
    • Explain Polymorphism
    • Explain Inheritance

    Basics of Java

    • Discuss the data types available in Java and utilize them in applications
    • Describe the various control structures and loops available in Java
    • Explain and utilize the various operators present in Java
    • Explain an Array

    Data Types, Modifiers, Expressions and Operations

    Arrays and Flow Control Statements

    Methods and Classes

    • Describe class and inheritance of classes
    • Explain and Object and to declare one
    • Explain the concept of Constructors and its relation with respect to class
    • Methods
    • “this” keyword
    • Concept of Inner class

    Packages and Interfaces

    • Purpose of Modifies and its types
    • Explain Package
    • List the various Packages available in Java
    • Design user defined Package
    • Explain the term interface and how to implement it
    • Practice creating an interface and implement it

    String and String Buffer

    • String Class
    • Various Methods of the String class and how to use them
    • Explain StringBuffer class
    • Discuss the methods of the StringBuffer class and its usage

    Java Applets

    • Difference between Applications and Applets
    • Understand the Applet Class
    • Create, run and execute Applets
    • Understand the Security Restrictions applied on Applet
    • Identify the various activities in an applet
    • Identify how to use Components and layouts in Applets


    • Basics of Graphic System
    • Explain and utilize the following geometric figures in applications
      • Lines
      • Ovals
      • Rectangle and RoundRectangle
      • 3DRectange and Arc
    • Discuss Color Control and how to use it to fill color in the container and the images in it
    • Disuss the Font Control and how to play around with it
    • Explain the FontMetrics class and its purpose

    Basic Graphical User Interface Components (Abstract Window ToolKit (AWT)

    • Describe the concept of GUI
    • Discuss the following Handle events using the following listeners
      • ActionListener
      • ItemListener
      • WindowListener
      • ComponentListener
      • MouseListener
      • MouseMotionListener
    • Describe the following components and how to apply them in the container
      • Label
      • List
      • Button
      • Checkbox
      • Choice
      • TextField
      • TextArea
      •  FileDialog

    Advanced GUI Components

    • Discuss event handling related to mouse events
    • Describe the LayoutManager class and implement the types of layout in the application
    • Discuss the various containers and how to implement them
    • Understand Menus and apply them in the frame

    Exception Handling

    • Discuss the purpose of Exception Handing in Java
    • Explain the types of exception in Java
    • Describe the use of try and catch
    • Explain the use of throws keyword
    • Explain the purpose of throw
    • Describe the finally keyword


    • Describe Multithreading
    • Creating and Managing Threads
    • Discuss the life cycle of threads
    • Understand the concept of synchronization
    • Explain how to set the priorities of thread
    • Understand what a daemon thread does