Big Data

    Introduction to Big Data

    • What is Big Data,
    • Big Data Sources
    • Structured data and Unstructured data Analytics

    Big data is a term that relates to how organisations manage the large volume of data they face on a daily basis. By analysing the data for possible patterns and correlations, the findings can be used to provide greater insights into the business. This, in turn, leads to better decision-making and the development of more informed strategies.

    Apache Pig

    • Pig Latin
    • Load And Store Operators
    • Grouping And Joining
    • Combining And Splitting
    • Filtering
    • Sorting
    • Pig Latin Built-In Functions

    Introduction to Apache HBASE and Use Cases

    • Hbase Shell
    • Hbase Column-Oriented Understanting
    • HBase – Create Data
    • HBase – Update Data
    • HBase – Read Data
    • HBase – Delete Data
    • HBase – Scan

    Apache HIVE

    • Hive Data Types
    • Create Database
    • Drop Database
    • Create Table
    • Alter Table
    • Drop Table
    • Built-In Operators
    • Built-In Functions
    • Views And Indexes
    • Hiveql Select…Where
    • Hiveql Joins

    Apache Sqoop

    • Sqoop Releases
    • Sqoop Tools
    • Sqoop-import
    • sqoop-import-all-tables
    • sqoop-export