Learn ASP.Net

    ASP.Net Training in Dubai & Sharjah

    Learning outcomes:

    At the end of the course the participant will

    • Create a Web form with server controls.
    • Separate page code from content by using code-behind pages, page controls, and components.
    • Display dynamic data from a data source by using Microsoft ADO.Net and data binding.
    • Debug ASP.Net pages by using trace.

    Course Contents:

    Working with Microsoft ASP.Net

    The Visual Basic Language Essentials

    • Introducing ASP.Net
    • Creating Web Forms
    • Adding ASP.Net Code to a Page
    • Handling Page Events
    • Discussion: ASP vs. ASP.Net

    Using Web Controls

    • What are Web Controls
    • Using Intrinsic Controls
    • Using Input Validation Controls
    • Selecting Controls for Applications

    Using ASP.Net Objects

    • Request Object
    • Response Object
    • Session Object
    • Application Object
    • Server Object
    • Object Context Object
    • Properties, Methods, Events and Collections of the above Objects

    Creating Master Pages

    Consuming Master Pages

    Understanding Ajax Controls

    • Toolkit Script Manager
    • Calendar Extender
    • Slide Show Extender
    • Tab Container

    Using Ajax Controls in a ASP.Net Web application

    Using Microsoft ADO.Net to Access Data

    • Overview of ADO.Net
    • Connecting to a Data Source
    • Accessing Data with Date Sets
    • Using Stored Procedures
    • Accessing Data with Data Readers
    • Binding to Extensible Markup Language(XML) Data

    Using Trace in Microsoft ASP.Net Pages

    • Overview of Tracing
    • Trace Information
    • Page-Level Trace
    • Application-Level Trace

    Creating a Microsoft ASP.Net Web Application

    • Requirements of a Web Application
    • What is New in ASP.Net
    • Sharing Information Between Pages
    • Securing an ASP.Net Application

    Web Services

    • Creating a Web Service in ASP.Net
    • Consuming a Web service in ASP.Net
    • HTTP-GET
    • Web Service Description Language
    • Web Service Proxy

    Calling a Web Service using a Proxy

    Configuring an ASP.Net Web Application

    Deploying an ASP.Net Web Application

    New Features of ASP.Net

    • Application-wide registration of custom controls.
    • Programmable Configuration.
    • Web Part controls.
    • Posting to other pages
    • SQL Cache Dependency
    • ¬†Master Pages.
    • Visual Studio .Net project model
    • Declarative Data binding.

    * Course topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of
    the course participants.